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 Steve Nelson

LightScribe Help

You use the LightScribe Template Labeler and want greater flexibility ...

LightScribe Help

You want to use your own templates or designs with the Template Labeler...

LightScribe Help

You use a LightScribe Duplicator but are frustrated with the software...

LightScribe Help

Then this is the LightScribe information you have been waiting for...

From: Steve Nelson



Dear Friend...

Ever since HP released the LightScribe Template Labeler I have been asked many times basically the same two questions:



Is there any way to make the LightScribe Template Labeler more flexible?



I have a LightScribe Duplicator that can only use LSI files. Is there any other LightScribe software I can use that gives me greater control over the labels I can create?


Having been asked this question many times, at the beginning of February 2010 I thought there must be a way I can help! After all I have been helping frustrated LightScribe users for years solve their LightScribe software problems... Surely I can find a solution to this one...


The Real LightScribe Template Labeler Issue

The LightScribe template labeler is a great piece of free software but as the name implies it is limited to using 'templates'. Although HP have produced a great variety templates for the software and you can edit some image and text fields within the templates but after that you can do nothing to alter them.

So, if you do not like the template or want to use a background or design of your own, or are using a LightScribe duplicator that can only use the file format created by the template labeler then you are stuck...

Untill now that is...


The Template Labeler Solution

The video below shows you how you can use the LightScribe Template Labeler to create ANY label you desire.

All you need to do is be able to design it in PhotoShop or other image editing program and my 'workaround' for the LightScribe template labeler will do the rest.


Click the Image Below to Watch the

LightScribe Template Labeler Video

I hope you enjoy the video.

Please feel free to link to this page so as many people as possible can benefit from watching the video.

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To your continued LightScribe success ...



LightScribe Labeling Software

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